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A free tool for embedding PayPal buttons to your website.

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Embedding the PayPal Button Code Guidelines

Adding a PayPal button - whether it's a Donate or Buy button - it should not be difficult but many people find the official PayPal website instructions to be terribly confusing. If you are struggling to add the suitable Shopping Cart code to your Wordpress or Wix website then read on as I have made this FREE tool to help you. You don't need any specialist coding knowledge to use this wizard. Simply select from the options on the left and the Form will automagically update for you, then embed it into your website. It only takes a few sseconds.

One particularly useful feature is the ability to specify multiple products and use it as a shopping cart, where your users may want to buy more than one item at a time. There are NO limits, your visitors can add as many or as few products to your PayPal shopping cart as they want, and we don't charge any sort of fee or add any limitations. Be aware the only fee you will pay is the PayPal processing fee, you can read more about this on the official PayPal website here.

PayPal is the world's largest provider of easy payment services as of 2018. Whether you want to integrate a payment solution for Wordpress, Wix or even add it to your email templates, it is really easy using this free wizard. And if you see any options that are not supported, please suggest them via the Contact page and our developers will be sure to add them as soon as they can!

About the above (+ advanced) options:

Currency: Not everyone uses Dollars! We now suppport almost 100 different global currencies, from GBP to EUR and everything in between.

Tax amount If you have to add a percentage of tax such as VAT (if in the EU) automatically, then simply enter that amount as a percentage. For example if you want your users to see a "20% VAT" surcharge, then enter '20' into this box. You don't need to add anything else, for example there is NO need to add the percent symbol (%) as the script will add it for you.

Shipping: This textbox allows you to specify a separate shipping amount. For example if you prefer your users to see an itemized bill amount for shipping/delivery seperate from the rest of the bill, then enter the value here. If for example you want to charge a flat shipping fee of $20 (assuming your currency is set to $) for this product, then just enter '20' here.

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